Basic questions for beginners

  • How to create a chatbox? What to do with the code?
  • How to create admin account?
  • Is the service free or paid?
  • What are premium features? How to upgrade?
  • Can I change a template?


Change the look & feel of your chatbox

  • What are the style options?
  • What are templates?
  • How to change size / colors / fonts / buttons / transparency?
  • What are the options for smileys? Can I disable them?
  • How to remove 'Powered by...' in footer?
  • How to change 'Type your message here' invitation?


Get familiar with all different options

  • What is open / private mode?
  • How to use avatars?
  • What are private chats?
  • What is sticky shout?
  • How to change date format?


Many ways to make your chatbox more secure

  • How can I verify my users?
  • How to hide chatbox content from unregistered users?
  • What is 'Lock chatbox' option?
  • Is there a content censorship?
  • Can I disallow posting with a link?

Users & content

Managing your users and content is easy

  • How to deal with abusing user?
  • How to create additional admins /moderators?
  • How to edit and delete shouts?
  • Where can I find the history?
  • How to post images and videos ?